4 Easy Steps to Find the Right Match

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I met an amazing woman.

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I know men usually get quite anxious when they know that they're about to be inside the woman that they want so bad, but patience and teasing are quite thrilling if done right.

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And if he isnt sure he wants you, then he doesnt deserve you anyway.

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A smart, successful woman is more apt to appreciate emotional intimacy with a secure man than a woman who's looking for some guy to financially rescue her.

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Even if a girl broke a date with me, I'd keep calling her back for more abuse.

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But consider this: Has she had a bad day at work.

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They go back to school, change careers or develop their own businesses.

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Once you blow it with a babe, once her Interest Level dips to 49, you're out forever.

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He is actually living back home now we our intimate but he will not commit or do anything that is real personable or meaningful like look into my eyes, Dating scorpio male say he loves me, or kissing.

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In other words, it's more for her pleasure than yours.